Linda Randall - Dresden FIles: Storm Front

"The phone rang several times before a quiet, dusky contralto answered, 'Beckitts', this is Linda,'...she purred...I smiled, hung up the phone, walked over to the limo, and rapped on the window. It buzzed down...a woman in her mid-twenties arched an eyebrow at me. She had beautiful eyes the color of rain clouds, a little too much eye shadow, and brilliant scarlet lipstick on her cupid's bow lips. Her hair was a medium brown, drawn back into a tight braid that made her cheeks look almost sharp, severe, except for her forelocks, which hung down close to her eyes in insolent disarray. She had a predatory look to her, harsh, sharp. She wore a crisp white shirt, grey slacks, and held a lit cigarette in one hand. The smoke curled up around my nose, and I exhaled, trying to push it away."
- Dresden Files: Storm Front by Jim Butcher